Alan Smith Realtors | 6 Costly Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid #2 of 6

Watch this video to learn how to avoid the 6 costly mortgage mistakes.  This is video #2 of our 6 part series.

Hi, I’m Alan Smith, the owner and broker of Alan Smith Realtors, providing you a “hassle free” real estate experience through written guarantees.

As an active Realtor® and broker for over 20 years I have guided hundreds of buyers in the buying process and I have discovered 6 of the biggest mistakes I believe homebuyers make when getting a mortgage! With the mounting changes in Mortgage regulations over the past few years it’s imperative you know how to structure your mortgage properly and avoid costly mistakes.

So whether you are a 1st time buyer, downsizing or simply looking for a change, it is critical that you learn how to avoid these mistakes. My VIP Buyer Program will help you avoid these mistakes and more.

Today I am talking about costly mistake #2, not knowing your monthly housing budget.

You need to know what monthly dollar amount you feel comfortable committing to!

So when talking with one of our preferred lenders predetermine for yourself what monthly dollar amount comfortably fits within your budget.   That way if you are preapproved for a higher amount than you are comfortable with, the lender and you can determine what actual home price you should be looking at.  Saving you time and aggravation from looking at homes that are not in your price range.

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