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Hi, I’m Alan Smith, the owner and Broker of Alan Smith Realtors.

As a full-time Realtor® and real estate broker with over 25 years of experience I have discovered  7 costly seller mistakes that must be avoided when selling your home!  Not only do they have a financial cost, I have seen these mistakes kill a real estate transaction.   Along with these mistakes and the dramatic changes we have experienced in our local housing market the past few years it is no wonder many  homes listed never sell or sell for less than top dollar.

Let’s identify what I believe are the 7 costly seller mistakes:

#1 Pricing your home incorrectly.

#2 Failing to compare your home’s condition to SOLD properties.

#3 Not Staging your home for today’s demanding buyer.

#4 Misunderstanding how to market your home.

#5 Miscommunicating with your agent and the buyer.

#6 Not controlling emotions during negotiations.


#7 Not paying attention to the details of the closing process.

Now that you know what the 7 costly mistakes are, how do you avoid them?  You can learn more by watching our home seller course called 7 Secrets to Home Seller Success.

Or become a VIP Seller.  Our VIP Seller Program has a proven 7 Point Strategic Plan for avoiding these costly mistakes and getting your home Sold fast and for top dollar.

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